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There are many truths.

One of them is that a shoe
can also be a paperweight.
Step aside
and what you see is a new world.
The inspiration is all around.

A garage is a Lab
to experience dreams

It's where ideas bloom, limits are distorted
and a lot of noise is made.
This is our garage.

A Project to make friends,
and keep them happy.
We love making movies!
Garage. Do you play?

We are an experienced Team that provides a top quality production service.
Over the last year, this team of professionals has produced more than 600 commercials and won more awards in Portugal than any others.
Along with producing commercials, we also produce Feature Film, Photo and TV.
Garage is a reliable company supported by a magnificent Office with the all necessary facilities and equipment to complete its projects,
and where we are happy to care about your project in particular.